“Some people look for a beautiful space, others make a space beautiful.”

I am an outstanding developer that is requesting, nay begging, for an opportunity to work with you. I have many skills, some of which may be useful to you, and a deep desire to be able to pay my bills and eat in the coming months.

What I have to offer:


I love to work! No kidding, I am being serious.

I must have learned something in the 7 years I attended college. No, I’m not slow, I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a degree in computer science.

I am obsessive about learning new technology. It’s not quite a disorder yet, but I am working on it.

I am good at what I do, just not so good remembering what all the acronyms stand for.


I am funny, smart, witty, a good listener and sometimes a little spunky.

Yes, I have white-boarded and I will let you know the story behind my first time after you hire me.

I am not afraid to get dirty.

I am not cheap, but I am inexpensive.


I love to grow my own vegetables and to build things.

Oh, and I love coding and puzzling out errors.